#ShoutYourAbortion Shows Us the Real Reasons for Abortion


Planned Parenthood tells a consistent lie: that providing abortions is a matter of women’s health. They tell the lie that if they are defunded, women will not be able to receive health care. Never mind the fact that we have one of the most generous welfare states in the world. Never mind that Obama Care increased Medicaid funding to states and gives massive government subsidies to the poor so they can purchase health care. Never mind that there are doctors that provide more services than Planned Parenthood does. Planned Parenthood wants you to believe that women won’t receive proper health care without them.

Their latest attempt to keep from getting defunded so they can continue to kill over 300,000 babies a year is to encourage #ShoutYourAbortion day (apparently organized by individual abortion advocates). Women all over the world are taking to Twitter to brag about their abortion to fight the “stigma” that is attached to abortion.

This day is very unfortunate for those who have had an abortion and have since repented. They will regret their decision for the rest of their life. Thankfully, there is hope and forgiveness in Christ for these women, and we hope they find it. But today is one that will surely haunt them as they see women lauding each other for killing their own offspring.

But why did they abort their children?

Abortion advocates want you to believe that many cases of abortion are due to health hazards, unavoidable circumstances, or are necessary because of rape or incest. However, one study reported that only 1% of abortions were performed because the mother was a victim of rape, and 12% were because of “a problem with the mother’s health,” but what type of problem is unclear. Being generous, we could say that perhaps 5% of abortions occur because the mother is a rape victim or she has health problems endangering her life.

That means 95% of abortions (311,270 dead children in 2014) occurred because of comfort, fear, or pressure.

95% of abortions (311,270 dead children in 2014) occurred because of comfort, fear, or pressure Click To Tweet

The same study says 74% of abortions occurred because the mother felt the baby would “dramatically change [her] life.”  Mothers could select multiple reasons, so we also see that 73% of mothers believed they couldn’t afford to have another baby. 48% were afraid of being a single mother or were having relationship problems. The other reasons are all similarly based on comfort, fear, anxiety, or pressure.

Many might find these statistics unbelievable.

But #ShoutYourAbortion day has taught us two things.

  1. Planned Parenthood does not provide abortions for womens’ health. That is their standard rallying cry: “womens’ health.” But if abortion were only about saving womens’ lives or keeping them healthy, there would be no need to rally women to brag about their abortions on Twitter. This is clearly a highly ideologically charged event designed to combat the atrocious facts that have come to light in the recent videos that uncover Planned Parenthood’s sale of body parts. As the study I just mentioned shows, abortion isn’t about womens’ health, but about convenience, fear, anxiety, or pressure. Often, as many women have testified, that pressure comes from Planned Parenthood.
  2. We learned today the real reasons most women abort their children.
We learned today the real reasons most women abort their children. Click To Tweet

So you see, #ShoutYourAbortion day is proving what studies have shown. Just as in the ancient world the Israelite prophets condemned men for sacrificing their children to appease the god Molech, so now a majority of abortion advocates are sacrificing their children to the modern Molech of economic comfort and personal convenience.

In scanning all the tweets from today, I did not see one person with humble regret thank a doctor for saving their life when they made a terribly difficult decision to abort their baby because they knew that otherwise they would both die. What we see is a bunch of self-justified, proud, unregretful abortion advocates who believe they are omniscient enough to know that their child would be better off dead than alive.

The only thing more atrocious than what we’ve seen today on Twitter is the fact that our government has allowed this mass murder for as long as it has. Even worse is the present administration’s persistent support for Planned Parenthood and the institution of abortion in America.

We can only pray that God will have mercy on our tiny humans so they can be delivered into the world before being torn apart in the womb. Obviously abortion will still happen in back rooms, just like men and women are murdered in back alleys. But we must be a nation that prosecutes murderers, not one that supports them with federal and state tax dollars.

And lastly, may God grant grace and peace to those mothers who aborted their child but have repented of that act and look now to Jesus for forgiveness, where even the most atrocious act can be exchanged for his righteousness (2 Cor 5:21). And may all others choose to do the same.

About Todd Scacewater

Todd is a Teaching Fellow in New Testament and PhD candidate at Westminster Seminary in Hermeneutics. He holds a Th.M. in New Testament and a B.A. in Political Science, and has served the church in music, college, youth, children, and discipleship ministries.